Riesling Fast or Slow – Chicago – 12 September

A seminar dedicated to the (real?) differences between vineyard sites that are said to give wines that are open, flavor-forward and expressive more or less from the time they are released, and sites whose wines are initially closed, tightly-wound and flavor- or aroma-challenged until several years later. Aka: “Precocious Sites vs. “Indrawn Sites.” The seminar was held  12 Sepember 2016 at Smyth + The Loyalist in Chicago, sponsored by Candid Wines and Vintage (a Winebow Company.)  Ten wines were tasted in five pairs of two, where one member of the pair hailed from a “precocious” site , while the other came from an “indrawn” site. Wines from the Kremstal, Kamptal, Wachau, Rheinhessen, and Finger Lakes. Panelists were Andrew Algren, wine director for Chicago’s Cherry Circle Room and Morten Hallgren, founder, principal and winemaker at Ravines Wine CellarsJohn Winthrop Haeger moderated.